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7 Of the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Nowadays, kids are becoming adventurous more than ever before so we compiled seven sleek GPS tracker for kids that you’ll definitely love. Children are engaging in activities such as hiking, biking, running, and other physical activities that keep them active. Since a smartphone is important when during such tremendous activities, install some of these trackers to enjoy them.

We include some GPS tracker for kids that helps to level up your hiking experience. You can find an app that allows you to monitor your workout while hiking by showing calorie burned, the way to take to complete a trail, how high and far you moved, and many more. You can download most of these GPS trackers for kids for free and they come with more features that you can get through in-app purchases. You can use app tracking devices for kids on NEXSPY

Map My Hike

The first GPS tracker for kids we have here is Map My Hike. This app has a comprehensive set of features ideal for running and hiking such as tracks and maps. It also has a fitness-oriented dashboard showing your activity feed community sharing as well as cumulative stats. This tracker provides a wide range of capabilities that can make ordinary hiking and run into an extraordinary experience.

Other than maps and tracks, it also records pace, calorie burn, distance, and elevation. It syncs your account on health apps like Apple Health which allows you to enhance your health monitoring.

More so, you can connect it on other wearable devices and it syncs with Under Armour smart shoes. It also tracks show mileage and hiking boot as well as render 24/7 activity graph. We categorize it as one of the best GPS trackers for kids because it filters by kid-friendly trails along with other functions that kids can enjoy. It also filters dog-friendly trails and wheelchair-friendly trails making it incredibly useful tracker.


AllTrails is a running and hiking app popular for its useful guides to over 50,000 trails throughout North America. It includes reviews, tracks, as well as photos that you can use to make the most of your hiking. In fact, you can also note the tracks you take during your hike so you can share it to others for them to follow and view.

This tracker allows you to find trails near you and it has community reviews where you can gather useful information. It also offers a clear view of topographic maps for backcountry regions and most trails in North America.

Some of its best features include social sharing of trips and tracks, geotagged photos, access to a wide range of trail offline, support for writing and reading trail reviews, route planning using a map and Map Editor, and trail reviews.

Maps 3D Pro

As its name suggests, Maps 3D Pro is specially designed for map usage. It is perfect for those who want a better terrain detail because it provides comprehensive and clear information. You can download maps for offline use perfect for remote trips where a signal is unattainable. It also offers excellent hike detail as well as rich 3D and 2D colour topography map views.

What’s amazing about this app is that it provides great visualization of valleys, hills, and water. This allows easier hike planning since you are able to see the whole picture of the place you are about to go. It also comes with other useful features such as available map storage, easy to use search capability, offline worldwide 3D maps access, as well as streets, towns, lakes, and mountain peaks view that you can search according to on USGS topography maps and NASA scans. Let alone that you can record useful information from your trips from distance to routes that you can use later on.


Most of us love to share our greatest travel experiences, right? So, who wouldn’t love the sleekest outdoor journaling app Ramblr? This GPS tracker can help you make the most out of your trips by allowing you to create a journal of your travel adventures. At the same time, it offers route tracking, GPS tracking, maps, and other features that a wanderer needs.

It is quite unique that Ramblr integrates most feature needed for trips. While allowing you to create a summary of your adventure using videos and photos, it also tracks GPS and stats like speed, elevation, and distance. You can tag this along with text descriptions on your trip map and share it with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.

SAS Survival Guide

If you prefer the best tracker with complete features, SAS Survival Guide is ideal for you. It is a serious survival application that even kids must have. This tracker is has a design according to the best-selling SAS Survival Guide. It integrates a useful set of features needed to survive an adventurous trip or hike.

This app offers 16 videos from John “Lofty” Wiseman. Moreover, it provides a complete text of over 400 organized pages of the best-selling book. It also has image galleries featuring knots, animal tracks, medicinal, edible, and poisonous plants. A list of survival tips, compass, morse code signalling tool, as well as sections indicating extreme climates such as deserts, polar, sea, and tropical. Isn’t it a great GPS tracker for kids?


If the SAS Survival Guide is designed for survival, Spyglass is on the adventure side. This app bind compass and GPS together along with maps toolkit, and gyrocompass to make hiking memorable than ever before. It includes a built-in star guide that you can use through the night sky map to detect the nearest trail. It works as a heads-up display, binoculars, high-end compass, gyrocompass, speedometer, offline maps, and altimeter.

But aside from that, Spyglass also offers capabilities like measuring sizes, distance, and angles. It operates in 3D and tracks several targets at the same time. More so, you can use it to estimate time of arrival and to navigate and save waypoints for later use. Other features are sextant and angular calculator including inclinometer to determine the distance of heights of objects.


For mountain lovers, Peakfinder must be the one you are long been searching for. It is basically an app you can bring along anytime and anywhere. It can help you know the names of the mountains you see. You only need to use the camera of your smartphone and aim at a mountain to do it.

Aside from that, it has a real-time landscape rendering of about 200 miles. Like so, it works as a digital telescope to choose less visible peaks with its motion sensors and compass. You can also use it offline anywhere in the world showing 350,000 peak names up to this date.

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