Equipped to Survive reviews Leatherman Wave

Doug Ritter has a great review of the Leatherman Wave and the two Charge models at Equipped to Survive. The review is accompanied by many pictures that greatly help in deciding which of the tools is better for you. The most shocking for me was the comparison with the old wave, which I owned and loved. The scissors on the older model were great, those on the new model seem flimsy and way too small.

Mr Ritter's conclusion: Which model to get, Wave or Charge, really boils down to your personal needs. For many, the Wave will suffice quite adequately at much lower cost, and we prefer its sheath. If the advantages of the better knife steel appeal to you, the Charge is your tool. As to Ti vs. XTi, my personal choice is the Ti simply because I prefer the availability of the scissors in my multi-tool.

Do read his entire review and marvel at the pretty pictures. He makes some important points about the shortcomings of both the Wave and the Charges, the most important one (in my opinion) being that they do not feature traditional screwdrivers. They have bit holders with proprietary bits that cannot be easily replaced.

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September 11, 2006